1. David Maljković: New Reproductions

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  3. nopefun:

    "Borderline Retarded #10 - the Death Issue" is the final installment of the annually published zine by Brooklyn-based photographer Phil Jackson (previously featured here).

    20 pages of full colour “35mm photos of skateboard / travel culture collaged with handwritten musings on the American west, private property, food, shelter, life, death, heaven and hell.” Phil Jackson’s whimsical and spontaneous images capture a personal sense of freedom, adventure and independence.

    Grab a copy here. Check out more publication reviews at our bookshelf.



  5. bishoponbedford:

    The New Portrait

    Curated by Mathea Millman

    Technological advancements introduce a new way of conceptualizing, constructing, and imaging ourselves in a space somewhere between actuality and representation in the digital age. This gallery show aims to showcase artists who are interested in the concepts of self, identity and portraiture in relation to the integration of technology into our lives in the 21st century.


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    Check out Caitie Moore’s untitled bookshelf!


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  8. thefacelesskid:


    It’s that time again for another Empty Stretch group zine. 

    Please see our site for full details

    Hey guys there’s only 2 days left to submit to this. It will be released at our table at New York Art Book Fair. We will also be having a projection & group show release, that thursday at Hell & Gone Gallery. Apply now!



  10. oranbeg:

    The announcement and release of Oranbeg NET 07: Ingest/Digest will be in the coming days in the meantime check out the prompt for Oranbeg NET 08: Contemporary Youth.

    The curator for this round is  Dean Davies of TRIP Mag 

    Prompt: The formative years of adolescence and early adulthood represent a period of mischief, experimentation and identity formulation.
    I would like to see photographs that capture the powerful determination yet simmering frailty of the younger generation. Send in your portraits of contemporary youth.

    Submissions due August 22, 2014 at 11:59pm. 
    Please submit to Oranbegpress@gmail.com up to 5 images for consideration (sRGB, JPG 2000 pixels on the longest side and 300dpi). 
    Send as a ZIP file. Also please include: Title, Series (if relevant) and your web url.



  12. publicationstudio:

    While bookmaking … 


  13. booksfromthefuture:

    Glitch: Designing Imperfection – Designed by Qubik / Fehler


  14. tripppmag:

    From TRIP Mag #3Jack Ayton’s intimate portraits of strangers met on the street. More on TRIP.